• Below are some commonly asked questions about volunteering at the State College Food Bank:
    I am a Penn State student and need to complete 5-hours of community service as part of a class, can I just come in and complete these 5 hours?
    We welcome students to volunteer, but due to intensity of training and needed consistency of operations, we require a minimum commitment of 20 hours to volunteer.  Since all volunteers are required to complete the New Volunteer Orientation, the time put in to properly train and complete mandated state training outweighs the actual volunteer commitment of 5 hours.
    I am a high school student who needs to complete 20-hours of community service to graduate, why does a parent need to volunteer with me?
    The State College Food Bank has roughly 80-90 regular volunteers, in addition to the 50-60 occasional volunteers (short-term volunteers completing minimum required hours or those volunteering with a group).  Although we are thrilled that our schools want to instill community service at an early age, the cost to run background checks and to maintain these records outweighs the few high school volunteers that we allow at one time.
    I would love to volunteer at the State College Food Bank, but I can only volunteer evenings or weekends.  Can you be flexible with your volunteer hours?
    Due to operations, the staff is committed during normal business hours Monday - Friday.  Occasionally we do have hours in the evening and weekends.  In the Spring, we have volunteer opportunities to receive the Stamp Out Hunger food drive (normally the second Saturday in May) and in November and December to receive the Scouting for Food food drive (normally the second Saturday in November), to pack Thanksgiving bags and to help with our Christmas distribution including Toys for Tots.
    Why do I have to attend a New Volunteer Orientation Session and why aren't they held more often?
    The New Volunteer Orientation sessions are designed to give our new volunteers information regarding our history, those we serve, specific training for processing donations and distribution guidelines, as well as mandated civil liberties training. The training session lasts approximately 2 hours.  We hold them on an as needed basis.  We are very fortunate to have a committed core-group of volunteers.  We hold orientation sessions when we have an increased need for volunteers.