• Distribution Hours and Guidelines

    Monday            1:00 - 5:00 pm (must be checked in by 4:30pm) 
    Wednesday      1:00 - 4:00 pm (must be checked in by 3:30pm) 
    Friday               1:00 - 4:00 pm (must be checked in by 3:30pm) 

    Distribution Guidelines:

    • Doors open at 1:00 pm.  
    • If you choose to arrive before 1:00pm, prepare for various types of weather condiditons becuase the doors will remin locked until 1:00pm
    • Numbers will be distributed to clients in line at 1:00pm based on the order of arrival at the front soor. 
    • Only one number will be given out per client unless you are authorized to pick up groceries for another client. 
    • You will lose your place in line if you are not present when your number is called. 
    • All clients must be checked in by 4:30pm on Monday and 3:30pm on Wednesday and Friday. If you arrive after the last check in time, you will be asked to return on the next distribution day. 
    • If you are in dire need of emergency food outside of the State College Food Bank distribution hours, please go to the emergency Food Pantry located at 410 South Fraser
    • If you are a new client, please come on the above distribution days, but please plan your first visit to arrive between 2-3 pm.

    Next Serivce Date Cards ~ Every household is given a reminder card for their next serivce after they check-in. Please be sre to keep your reminder card in a safe place. We will no longer provide immediate repsonses to phone calls asking about next serivce date. If you call, you will  be asked to provide you rname and telephone nymber so a Food Bank represenatative can call you back with the date. All call will be repsponded to within 24 hours. 


    Winter Weather Policy:

    If the State College Area School District closes due to inclement weather, the Food Bank will close as well for the safety of the clients, volunteers and staff.  If there is a two hour delay, distribution will take place as normal in the afternoon.  If there is an early dismissal due to weather, the Food Bank will try to remain open if we have enough volunteers to help with distribution.
    Cancellation announcements can be found at: 

    • State College Food Bank Home page (scfoodbank.org)
    • Facebook
    • WJAC-TV 6
    • WTAJ-TV 10
    • Cable Channel 4 and 3WZ
    • Forever Radio
    • Results Radio 


    Download our full Cilent Service Informaion HERE 

    Updated Client Serivce Informaion - June 2018