Distribution Guide

  • Step 1:  As you enter you will be given a number.

    Step 2:  When your number is called, please proceed to the intake window.  A volunteer will confirm that your household information is correct and up to date.  Once all necessary information is up to date, a volunteer will enter your distribution into the client database and have you sign for your distribution.

    Step 3:  A Grocery Assistant, using a grocery guide, will assist you in seleting your groceries.  Since we accept both federal and state foods, we are required to distribute a minimum amount of certain types of food.  The Grocery Assistant will make sure that your family receives the appropriate amount of food. 

    Step 4:  Once you have selected your groceries, the Grocery Assistant will lead you back through the receptionarea and another volunteer will meet you at your vehicle with your groceries. 


    Please allow approximately 15-20 minutes to select your groceries, once you have signed in with the Intake Volunteer.  If you need to call for a cab or a ride, we highly suggest you call before you start selecting your groceries.