Guidelines for Food Donations

  • On a typical day at the Food Bank, we receive hundreds of pounds of donated food from a variety of sources including individuals, organizations, church groups, businesses, etc. While we appreciate the generosity of our community, we receive some items that cannot be used and must be discarded due to food safety guidelines and governmental regulations. Discarding product is a financial expense to the Food Bank as we pay for our trash removal by volume.

    The following list provides a description of products that cannot be accepted and distributed to Food Bank clients. 

    • Expired Items - all donated items that are past the expiration date cannot be distributed
    • Homemade/Home Canned Foods - we have no way of knowing how and when homemade foods were processed, which is a food safety concern
    • Opened/Partially Used Items - we are unable to distribute items that are opened and partially used
    • Items Containing Alcohol - we do not distribute items that contain alcohol, including Vodka Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar, Vanilla Extract, etc.
    • Dented/Damaged Packaging - donated items that are severely dented or damaged cannot be distributed (including rusty cans)
    • Over-the-Counter Medicines
    • Baby Food and Formula - we often have to discard these items since many of our clients qualify for WIC and are not in need of these things
    • Bags - Due to health code and State College Food Bank policy, we are unable to accept the donation of used bags